1. What is JavaScript?

2. Variable:

a variable used to store information ,that value can change in the computer program

  1. string type
  2. number type
  3. Boolean type
Example of variable type

3. Mathematical operation in JavaScript

  1. (+)Addition
  2. (-)Subtraction
  3. ( *)Multiplication
  4. ( ** )Exponentiation (ES2016)
  5. ( / )Division
  6. ( % )Modulus (Remainder)
  7. ( ++ )Increment
  8. — Decrement

4 . Array

In JavaScript, array is a single variable that is used to store different elements.

5 .Loop in JavaScript

1.why use loop

  1. for loop
  2. while loop

6 . Function

in JavaScript most useful and important thinks is function.

  1. What is function
  1. loop give output continuously do not stop give all the output until condition fulfil
  2. but function do not do this when user want this place show output it given anywhere user it call

8 . Factorial using function

function factorial(n){

9. var/let/const


  1. it al time can use
  1. if have possibility to change the variable name then use the let l

10. Object in JavaScript

  1. What is object?



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